Research Forum (RF)

The goal of a Research Forum is to create dialogue and discussion, by offering PME members more elaborated presentations, reactions, and discussions on topics about which substantial research has been undertaken in the last 5-10 years and which continue to hold the active interest of a large subgroup of PME. A Research Forum is not supposed to be a collection of presentations, but instead is meant to convey an overview of research, highlighting contemporary debates and perspectives in the field.

A Research Forum

  • focuses on a topic which is of substantial interest within the work of PME,
  • has a coherent structure that encourages intellectual debate,
  • stimulates critical dialogue around this topic through the consideration of multiple perspectives,
  • involves planned input to this critical dialogue from at least five researchers,
  • includes structural opportunities for interaction by the audience, and, through the use of well-advertised prior reading, avoids the need for long presentations.

Submission and Reviewing Process

The deadline for proposals of Research Forums is November 1st in the year preceeding the conference. In November, the International Program Committee reviews the proposals, providing feedback to the coordinators if a proposal is provisionally accepted for presentation at the conference. 

Proposals must include:

  • the title and focus of the Research Forum;
  • the name of the co-ordinator, and (if desired) the assistant co-ordinator;
  • a detailed description of the proposed format of the Research Forum, including timings, contributors, how they will be chosen, plans for audience interaction;
  • details of prior reading and how this can be made available;
  • how the space within the Proceedings will be used (up to 30 pages);
  • key question(s) which the Research Forum will address.

Proposals should be restricted to five pages including references.

The coordinators will then have until January in the year of the conference to provide the final version of their proposal. During the 1st IPC meeting, the IPC makes the final decisions. Then the coordinators have to write and submit the text for the proceedings not later than 1st May in the year of the conference.

Presentation and Proceedings

Two 90-minute slots will be devoted to each Research Forum.

The Forum Presentation documents should follow the same specifications given in the First Announcement for Research Reports. The total length per Research Forum is 30 pages.